airwave® intelligent system
airwave® intelligent system

airwave delivers highly secure, lightning fast and touch-less technology. airwave "full-hand-vein" technology is the most accurate recognition technology available, many orders of magnitude more accurate than facial recognition technologies, and airwave is able to give authorization instantly under high concurrency conditions. airwave can identify one hand out of a billion accurately in less than three-tenths of a second.

airwave is the world's first full-hand-vein micro-feature technology achieved with a single hand wave.  this on-the-fly capability allows users to remain in motion while being identified and authorized. it is an ideal application for high volume mass public transit, high-speed metro railway, airport security, hand-wave payment, bio-certification, financial services and security systems. 

airwave application scenarios

payment, finance service, public services, security, social security, metro public transport, campus, library, office buildings, airport, customs and so on.

key advantages:
touch-less technology users authenticated "on-the-fly", with a simple hand wave no more cards, cash and qr codesexceptionally fast, perfect for high volume applications ideal for high security applications.
you got everything in your hands !

melux's mission is to innovate and integrate superior ai technologies to better serve human needs in a whole new world.

  • card is inconvenient to use, card has security risks: card loss, counterfeit, transfer and borrowing, etc.

  • qr code changes the payment in china, but it brings anxiety to 500 million "old and young generation" in china.

  • melux's short-term goal is to empower human hands to replace cards, cash and qr code.