melux 麦仑-捕鱼游戏

  • computer vision
  • deep learning
  • high performance computing
  • cognitive technologies
melux focuses on the development of cutting-edge ai technologies with an emphasis on computer vision, deep learning, high performance computing, cognitive technologies. melux is the world leader of the next generation micro-feature fvr recognition ai technology.
melux is a top-notch, high-performance team with extensive professional expertise and industry knowledge. based on the accumulation of computing power of intelligent analysis of several trillion images, the vast "hand venation micro-features" are transformed into super "original og" code through fvr technology.
airwave® intelligent system

the airwave technology is capable of sensing millions of dimensional micro- feature characteristic points- from major veins to capillaries in- with just a single wave of the hand, which could perfectly replace the qr code, card and cash, which has huge market potential.